music is back

it's been almost four months since I've been able to record a single track.

My new audio workstation is up and running.
yesterday and today I spent several hours learning the basics of my new recording software.

20 minutes ago, I recorded my first track.
here it is,
it's very rough, improvisational, and unedited.
but it's my first recording in my new studio,
and it's really good to be back.

there's a more interesting audio file at will and isaac's blog (also from today).


tarapetty said...

Hooray. I am glad you are back. And that track sounds good.

Shaundra said...

As I listened to this track, it took me to the theater, where I was watching a movie on the big screen...the best part of a movie, or the most moving part of a movie.
It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great. :)Thanks for sharing. Cadie Rae

Kris said...

That was beautiful! It was like a recent fall day I spent outside where time stood still long enough for me to hold it and drink it in.