catching up (contains some nudity)

the pace of life seems a little hurried these days.

here's some snippets of what I've been up to since my last post...

will, riding the "barrel train" at an orchard/pumpkin farm a few saturdays back.

A couple weeks ago Isaac spent a few days experimenting with a new way of voicing frustration.
This would involve:
1) dropping everything
2) fleeing as fast as he could to whatever he perceived to be the edge of a safe perimeter
3) facing whomever he was upset with (from a distance of preferably 40 feet or more)
4) wailing his lament of injustice.

In this particular episode, his sprint from community was so passionate, I thought he might race into the orchard never to be heard from again... but he stopped at the treeline.


I took a very quick trip to NYC a couple weeks ago.
Can you tell it was my first time?

I went with the Jason Piasecki and Andy Maciejewski of a local creative firm (Qonverge), to pitch some marketing strategies to a music licensing & technology company.

Here we are in their studio just a few blocks from Times Square.

Experiential Highlights:
*Good company
*Street vendor hot dogs
*An interesting kind of work assignment
*Lots of frustrating air travel delays...
*Some incredible turbulence while fighting through a severe storm over NYC
*The resulting involuntary surrender of my lunch (ten seconds before wheels hit the ground)


Collectively, the boys and I have consumed hundreds of apples. (and thrown hundreds of sticks and stones into various bodies of water)

and spent in ordinate amounts of time at playgrounds.

this particular adventure was shared with cousins Emma and Maya while Liam played soccer on the other side of the fence.


Will hung out with Grandma GoGo and Maya while I got to have a special "just isaac" trip to GR for some allergy/asthma testing.

He leveraged his charm and bravery to draw amazement from every medical professional who came in contact with him; watching with cool curiosity as they drew blood, holding meticulously still for the student x-ray tech, and spending several minutes inspecting every single oil painting at the Butterworth Campus.

He got to pick his own food at the cafeteria, and then we spent some time in the ambulance bay boosting paramedic moral through ruckus cheering.


This morning, the boys slept in a bit. When they finally called for me I left my desk and walked into their room to find will celebrating the fact that he had succesfully removed every stitch of clothing from his body.

"naked. no pee" he assured me.

I asked him why he felt like he needed to be naked.
"Got it! clothes off! Self!"

Isaac was clearly impressed.


I'm still trying to get caught up but making some progress. But the boys will be with Andrea for a stretch of several days and I'm hoping to make a good dent.

and life is very good.


tarapetty said...

Great update. I love all of the pictures. That is impressive Will completely undressed himself without wetting the bed. Is this going to become a habit?

Anonymous said...

Great to see you are doing well. Vendor Hotdogs are my favorite!!! Your boys are growing so fast.

cheesy-spoosh said...

Love the pictures! We miss you guys.

Jer & Liz Nyenhuis said...

Your boys are SO cute. As I was reading, I realized that we both know Andy M. I went to school with him, but he was several years older than me. What a SMALL world.

Michelle B said...

Oh Michelle LoVeS the Big Apple!! I see Macy's is to the East of you in you gawking tourist pose photo. Did you also notice the Kmart to your right? What a fun trip I was jealous til you mentioned your plane ride. :) Glad to hear your making music again! ha ha

Missy said...

We go to Klackles every year and love it! I'm glad to see the cute pictures of the boys! Good job Will!