maybe you can help...

...help me find a buyer for our house on Moulton Avenue.

I really think it is a great house and a great price.

But I'm looking for a place where my boys and I can live with a smaller payment.

And we are supposed to be out of hour house on Cedar Avenue in less than 2 weeks.

That makes us "motivated sellers".

And I am offering a reward again.
Last time TJ and Lindsay scored the bounty. This is a bigger house, so it's a bigger reward.
$400 goes to the person who finds a buyer for my house.

Click here for details and pictures, or use this link: http://snipurl.com/1phaw

and it would be great if you could let other people know.

Maybe you don't know someone who needs this house,
but you probably know lots of people who could use 400 bucks.


Chris Ball said...

Hey man. This is Chris Ball from Battle Creek. I live in Louisville, KY now and my house in Battle Creek is for sale too. Nice idea with the reward..tough time to sell houses in Michigan. I was going facebook crazy, trying to catch up with some good ol' connections when I thought of you and James Bean. I started looking you guys up and I came across your blog. As I was reading it I was arguing with myself about if I should comment or not. I won..so I commented. This maybe late and it's probably been said a lot, but my heart is truly broken for you guys. You and your family are in my prayers. Feel free to E-mail me if you would like or look me up on facebook. Beholy1974@yahoo.com.

Kelly and Sean said...

Man, I forget the differences on property values in our two states. It might be worth it to you to have the house trucked here to sell. (this sounds absurd, and it is, but it's almost true!)

Best of luck on selling