A day in the life...

Andrea got called in to work so today was a ruddboys morning.

9:00 bottles (only one per day now)
9:20 cherios (every morning, 2 bowls, split three ways)
9:30 banana (cut into little pieces)
9:40 wagon ride to walker park
9:45 park exploration (sidewalks, wood chips, trees, squirrels, etc...)
10:15 sprinklers come on (get soaked)
11:15 load wagon (cry for a minute)
11:30 get home, water plants, strip to diapers (just the boys)
11:40 diaper wrestling while Dad gets lunch (pictured)
12:00 lunch
12:30 naptime festivities (different daily, today's described below)

Daniel: "alright it's getting close to naptime."

boys keep playing, acknowledge with grunts
a little later

Daniel: "ok, get your blankets, it's naptime."

boys get blankets

Daniel: "I'm going to the kitchen for three minutes, then it's nap time"

The boys race down the hall together.
Upon reaching the nursery they close the door and laugh.
They've baracaded me out.
They quickly put as many books and toys into their cribs as they can (i discover upon entry).
I stand outside the door and inform them that they forgot their blankets.
They open the door slowly.
I put them into their beds.
They pretend they are going right to sleep.
I go down to my office and listen to them play.