Blessed are the peacemakers

Im honestly having trouble understanding this.

Casualties in Lebanon over 1000
Casualties in Israel about 100

As the numbers keep climbing they maintain a 10 to 1 ratio.

A majority of Lebanese killed are civilians.

The US says it's working for sustainable peace.

The US is supplying, and at times, expediting weapons to Israel.

So friends, help me if I'm missing something.

But shouldn't there be an outcry from the people to our elected officials:

"Do not send our bombs to Israel"

Shouldn't our military strength be leveraged to stop killing?

Did I miss the efforts made by Israel to find resolution through diplomatic intervention and multi-national census?

Do we think that this will improve the tense relations between the Arab and Western world?

Seriously, what am I missing?

Because right now, I am so ashamed to be an American.


PastorJohn said...

Why wars?
Does the answer lie in?:
Original sin
Human rebellion against God
Brains hardwired through history to create, fear, and attack the “enemy”
Survival strategy—like wolves pissing to mark our sacred territory
The mystery of how we form our identity—personal, ethnic, national, cultural, religious
Scapegoating—Finding a reason for my fears and insecurities in the “enemy”
Projection—Seeing in the “enemy” the dark reflection of my guilt, angers and evil
Whatever overrides conscience and justifies war: God, religion, country, family, way of life, ideals (isms)
More than jealousy—Cain killing Able to protect his threatened ego
The allure and maddening intoxication of Power
All or none of the above

St. Paul speaks of the “mystery of iniquity.” War must be part of that mystery.

Pastor John


this post made me cry. because i agree with you. and because i think it's going to get worse. i'm not saying it's wrong for americans, or christians, to support israel. but it is grieviously wrong to do it mindlessly, because it's a familiar word from the bible or because a pastor or politician has told us so.

Anonymous said...

Pastor John,
You are the bomb!

(a peaceful bomb...
you know what I mean).

Pastor Andy said...

I think you are missing that this is deeper rooted than your or I can comprehend growing up in western culture.