"Dirty Healthy Rats!"

Isaac forward this article to me via e-mail, hoping that I would reverse the ban on toilet-play.

the article


AnthonyP said...

a - I've been saying this for years. (Yeah me!)
b - your bad typing skills are infringing on your unsucessful comedy.
c - my bad spelling skills are infringing on my sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

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not about to be upstaged by anonymous.. we, your *named* readers, also send you warm regards and wishes for continued success.

and i won't know about the job until monday or tuesday. i am not a very patient person, i'm afraid.

Daniel Rudd said...

anonymous, thanks for the great link. I've visited your site and it is TERRIFFIC!! (with a captial T)

Please tell me how I can send you money!!