crusty little faces

aren't the worst of it.

when my boys are sick, they have a hard time sleeping.
But they need to sleep to get better.
But they won't sleep if I'm in there.

So I stand on the other side of their door.

I can't leave.
I can't go in.
I just suffer.

They cry like abandoned orphans.
They think they are all alone.

We're starting lent early and giving up those bacteria farms known as "nurseries".


david rudd said...

give up those bacteria farms if you want, but they make your boys strong. they empower their immune systems. they are a fertile ground for the growth of powerful bacteria fighting bodies...

suffer now or suffer later.

Daniel Rudd said...

why don't you bring emma and liam by tonight to build up their immune systems.

yo when we gonna hear more pirate stories?


do you rememeber "Daaaaiiivy"
from "patch the pirate"?