Quick Update: Call for Help

I apologize to everyone for general unavailability as of late.

Stock20 got an important contract with a pretty interesting company.

Securing that contract required lots of extra work (for the last 4 weeks),
and meeting deadlines will require lots more extra work (for two more weeks).
(see "Call for Help" post above if you wish to ease this burden)

Additional Complicating Factors:

This video had to be completed about a week ago, and required more work than I anticipated. But it was for my favorite (and only) video production client.

Still have to make music and stuff for Stock20's monthly releases. (Although I'm hiring other people to help with some of the songs now)

If you are interested, here are some of the recent songs that I have composed and produced.

Will and Isaac are both cutting their biggest teeth.
Isaac has had two double ear infections in the past month.
The last antibiotic led to relentless diarrhea and the worst diaper rash ever.

But... things seem to be getting better on that front.

Hoping to be human again soon...


Jer & Liz Nyenhuis said...

Ok, so I listened to the music on the link and it was AWESOME!!! Just wondering where I can get a copy of a CD or at least hear some of songs in their entirety. Thanks.

Daniel Rudd said...

jer and/or liz,
thanks for your kind words.

the music i compose is licensed to people for use in their creative projects (video, film, tv, radio, web, presentations, etc...)

you can search for different kinds of songs and stuff, and listen online at: www.stock20.com

there are 100 "song themes" of which I made about 80.

And we release 7 new ones each month.

If you seriously wanted a CD, I'd be happy to put whatever songs you wanted on a cd for you.

(because my ego is greatly enjoying the fact that someone might listen to my music just to enjoy it, instead of for business purposes)