firm is good

well, lindsay ellis says that posting funny videos doesn't count for blogging.

So here is a quick update.

Went to Los Angeles last week to sell music for stock20

It was a pretty good trip.

Came back to explosive diarrhea from the twins.

The diapers can't contain it.

So between 5-8 times per day-per boy, we change all clothes and launder some brown onesies.

Poor Isaac's bum is so sore.

He makes a sound like gurgling thunder, then goes and hides under the table because he doesn't want another changing.

It's a stomach virus, so as long as their squirting, they can't be around other kids.

I never thought I'd be so happy to find a nice firm log in Will's diaper, but he made one this afternoon. This is good news. It means the end should be near.

Hopefully in time for playing with the cousins over thanksgiving.

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cheesy-spoosh said...

Thank you. . . and two "real" blogs in a row now. Wow!