turning 30 the good way

my awesome wife surprised me with a trip to the cabin--accompanied by my father and two brothers.

It was the first time I've ever been surprised--and the best present ever.

Andrew photo-journals well about it at his blog.

here are some of my pictures.


Ang said...

actually daniel.... i think our whole family has always chuckled over the fact that you were *always* surprised by everything...since somehow it seemed that you were consistently 'the last to know' - especially when it came to current family/community news, upcoming events, etc...

but maybe you never noticed.

i'm glad your first genuine, planned surprise was so memorable :)

Daniel Rudd said...

three words angela:
thin ice.


Is it a coffee or meat grinder? Apple Core-er?
The shot of the glowing window and the blurry frenzy of fall foliage are my favorites. Very nice, Daniel. :)