Why the silence?

I've been under the gun on a couple projects:

I've spent most of my time trying to complete the rough cut of a video for my friends at Starr Commonwealth.

Time is tight for my video client, but I refuse to subtract time from my real job.

And any time left over after the twins get their share, has been exerted toward the launch of my Production Music Company.

You can't see the Starr video yet.
You might not be able to visit the boys right now.
But you can check out www.stock20.com

In fact. It would be really helpful to me if you surfed around and found problems.

Even better if you took a few minutes to "be" a customer.

Pretend you are a video producer, sign up for a free account. You'll get a gift certificate by e-mail which you can redeem for a free download.

I recommend you purchase (for free) "Quiet Goodbye" (featuring Ang. on the strings), or "Sunday Morning" (featuring Ang. on the Bossendorfer Grand Piano).

Anyway, it would really help my new business venture out if you could be fake customers for me. And if you know anyone who is need of buyout production music, let them know.

If you don't understand the concept of royalty free music, here is a simple explanation.


david rudd said...

what a gratuitous attempt to drum up hits for you site... people looking for a real blog, should check out this place for quality commentary and answers to the problems of life should go here. if you are looking for some good, clean, fun, you can find it at the world's greatest blog.

Ang said...

who is the guy that's talking during all the previews?

Redbaerd said...

Yeah. Who's that guy?!?!

I thought I had an exclusive contract to be the voice of all things Supermatic, Danielicious.

Have you heard my voice?! I put that guy to shame.

(p.s. no offense, guy, if you happen to be reading. I am better though.)

Jason said...

at first I thought you were joking, but as I read further, I realized that you were dead serious...and thing I am not accustomed to from the likes of you. ha

Daniel Rudd said...

No joke Jason. This is a serious a calvanist.

Ang and Andy, the voicover is Tim Brown. He's done work for my video clients before.

Most stock music companies repeat the name of their company over and over while the previews play. This prevents people from ripping off the preview instead of buying the music. I thought the announcer guy would be less annoying and a good opportunity to educate customers on the virtues of stock20.

Andrew: of course you are better. This doesn't even need to be said.

However, the sheer sex appeal of your voice would be a distraction. The fact is you are TOO good, so we couldn't use you this time.

Daniel Rudd said...

David. I've clicked on all of your links. Please send me a dollar.